Just-Love-It (tm) with our, branded, 

Unlike the majority of other beauty product manufacturers, we’ve formulate our hair products paraben, salt, sulfate, biochemical/petrochemical and formaldehyde free. Never animal tested! 

Our pride in our products also is seen in the fact that they are concentrated so you can use sparingly without paying for watered down brands!

Please DO NOT trust any other beauty products unless they can make these truthful statements.  We love you and know that you have all the love for yourself. Why would you ever buy products that had embalming chemicals, cancer causing and other harsh chemicals?

Anti-aging hair treatment Daily leave in conditioner As a primer before and after any and all chemical and conditioning treatments � Seals color Smooths frizz � Repairs damage � Prevents split ends � Moisturizes dry hair � Strengthens fragile hair � Prevents flat iron damage � Prevents pool and sun damage � Adds shine, softness, and silkiness � Protects from blow drying dry out � Improves texture and manageability

Elixer 11 5oz

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