Just-Love-It (tm) with our branded Marula & Grapeseed Shampoo!

Don’t let your previous shampoo weigh down your hair anymore. This shampoo is formulated to hydrate, smooth, detangle, repair/regrow hair, fights against aging follicles and creates a beautiful shine on your lovely locks without the weight. It also creates a perfect setting for longer-lasting, U-Love-It branded, Locks of Love, color treatments.

Why Marula & Grape-seed?
Marula Oil:
Know as the youth elixir, is derived from the Marula Tree in Madagascar. It’s walnut sized nuts are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It also has cellular regeneration, hydrating, occlusive, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. We find, with long term use, it plays a perfect role in keeping our customers scalp healthy and shows promise in healthy hair growth. We find it nourishes hair from root to tip without making it overly greasy, making it beneficial for dry, frizzy, or brittle hair. It has a yummy citric aroma as well.
Grape-seed Oil:
The oil derived from grape seeds formulates well with Marula Oil. It makes for the perfect, any climate and all-weather ingredient. Along with its revitalizing properties, we are finding with long term use it aids in regrowth, slows signs of aging of hair and fights dandruff.

Unlike the majority of other beauty product manufacturers, we’ve formulate our hair products paraben, salt, sulfate, biochemical/petrochemical and formaldehyde free. Never animal tested! 

Our pride in our products also is seen in the fact that they are concentrated so you can use sparingly without paying for watered down brands!

Please DO NOT trust any other beauty products unless they can make these truthful statements. We love you and know that you have all the love for yourself. Why would you ever buy products that had embalming chemicals, cancer causing and other harsh chemicals?

Marula & Grapeseed Shampoo 13.3oz

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     "Jamie has been the only person cutting and coloring my hair for the last 12 years. It is incredibly important to me to have a stylist who listens and works with me.  Every time I want a little something different she knows exactly how to make that happen and the one time I felt something was off (my issue, not her skills), it was fixed within 24 hours. Jamie is incredibly skilled, an excellent listener and a treat to work with."

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